In-Shop Repair: $75/hr

CPCC Technicians are trained an qualified to diagnose and repair a wide range of computer, printer, or technology related issues. We have A+ certified techs with certifications in many printer and software related areas. Having virus trouble? Computer making strange noises? Maybe you want an upgrade your system. Whatever your needs may be, we can handle it in shop, at an affordable rate.

Common in shop jobs include:

  • virus/spyware removal
  • data transfer
  • hardware upgrades
  • printer repairs
  • and more

All in shop work is first come, first serve. We have a $37.50 diagnostic fee, which covers the first half hour of labor. At this point we will inform you of our recommendations, and let you decide if you wish to proceed with further repairs. All labor from that point is $75 an hour, and the diagnostic fee is waived. Give one of our technicians a call with any questions that you may have regarding your needs. CPCC attempts to diagnose and repair issues in our office with a balance of quality work and timely completion.

On-Site Repair: $85/hr

CPCC also has several experienced and friendly technicians that can visit your home or office to assist with your repair needs. Have a large office network? CPCC can help with that also just call today to schedule a visit!

We are available to help you at your business or in your home. We can assist you in any size job, from computer installation to large network maintenance.

Common jobs include:

  • virus removal
  • computer and network installations
  • network troubleshooting
  • email configuration
  • hardware upgrades

No job is too large or small, no distance is too far! Our labor rates for on site work are $85/hr, including driving time. Call to schedule an appointment, or to speak to one of our technicians.

Website design and Maintenance

We have technicians in our office that are skilled and schooled in Photoshop, Joomla, and WordPress Content systems.

If you need a site designed or updates to your current site, give us a call for estimates!


Data Recovery Specialists

Losing your important files is never fun, especially if you haven’t had a backup in a while (or ever!).

Connecting Point has partnered with “Drive Savers” to help clients retrieve that important data that might be otherwise lost due to accident or mechanical failure. For details, please call and speak with a CPCC Technician. Also, feel free to visit the Drive Savers website to learn more about this company.

Remember, when CPCC sends the referral you get a discount! Give us a call today!