Windows 10 Spring Update

The Windows 10 “Spring Update” is out, also called update 1803. As usual Microsoft takes one step forward and 2 steps back, causing headaches for some users. We have seen reports of multiple MS Surface systems with broken kb/m connectivity, laptop batteries no longer charging, and some systems having problems loading the desktop after upgrade.

What can you do? Windows Pro users can defer security updates for 35 days and Feature updates (like 1803) for a year. But Home users don’t get that option. If your Windows 10 experience is ruined with a feature update, call us at (252) 240-2722 and we can help.

Merry Christmas!

CPCC asked Santa for a new sign for the office and guess what happened on Saturday?!

Come by and see our new store front signage and be sure to pop in to say “Hello and Merry Christmas”! We wish a Happy and safe Holidays to you and your family this Christmas season!

Holiday Hours:
Mon Dec 25: CLOSED
Tues Dec 26: CLOSED
Mon Jan 1: CLOSED